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Ramp up your Weekdays

TownEat is a weekday takeout service designed to get you through those slow weekdays with a more streamlined takeout service. Customers order meals the week in advance and pick-up in food containers we provide them. Each lunch or dinner service features only one meal of locally sourced whole foods combined with bulk shelf stable healthy low-cost staples.

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Prep, Prep, & Prep some more

Prep is the name of the game. Mise En Place. Our goal is taking all the uncertainties out of your takeout service that makes life chaotic. We want everything pre-planned and smooth sailing or the opposite of a normal service. Everything is cold stored and prepped before the meal pick up times. Everything arranged for final assembly when the service finally comes. We specifically design each meal with assembly in mind to make these meals more about final assembly than cooking. Piggybacking as much as possible during other services.

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No Fees. Keep 100% of the
Meal Revenue.

We charge no fees to restaurants, you keep 100% of the meal revenues. We charge a membership fee to customers to keep our platform working. Meals are crafted around cost to keep meals affordable. We build the meal around the cost to ensure we can make you money while giving the customer an affordable experience that will keep them coming back.

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Sustainable approach to foodservice

Take a stand and commit to a more sustainable future. It's no secret the food industry is one of the largest culprits of climate change. Between food waste, agricultural issues, and plastic packaging there is a lot that can be changed.

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