Uber for Chefs
Work as much or little as you want.
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How it works
Freelance cooking
Work everyday or only 1-2 shifts

Less Chaotic Environment

Getting tired of the draining chaos that comes with busy services. We are trying to take that element out of cooking. The less stress on you the better.

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Steady Weekday Hours

Looking for something a little more steady during the week? It's not a 9-5 but you will get to enjoy a steadier week with less late nights.

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How it works
Put us to work for you.

Work all over town

You will not be restricted to one restaurant. Pick up shifts at any participating restaurant during any of their open services

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Low Cooking Threshold

Not the head chef? Thats okay, we have built our meals to be very easy on the chef chops. Prep, batch cooking and assembly will be the name of the game here.

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